RPD's D2D application

Hey Kyoko community members, here is the D2D application from RPD. Please review the information and leave your opinions.

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Basic Information

*1. Project Name: Real Player DAO-Turkey group

*2. Project link:

Official Website: https://realplayer.io
Twitter URL:https://twitter.com/realplayerdao
DC Handle:discord.gg/rpd

*3. What is the current number of users? Where do the mainly users come from?

2500 scholars, 25k users

*4. Please provide information about the team.

Jay Wang: founder, graduated from Peking University; More than ten years of media/PR; Marketing director of Chainnews; Wide connection with communities/KOLs.

Six developers, working remote in China&Singapore;

Working experience from Alibaba, Tencent and Shengda;

More than five year experience of gaming industry on average.

Marketing team: 21 employees, fulltime&parttime;

Turkish manager: Crypto Dobi;

African manager: Zunurian.

5. Please provide information about partnership with the project.

​(e.g.The current and/or potential major partnership and/or any influencer network)

Blast Royale, Forthbox, Zodium, Kyoko, Xrush, The Ninth, Metaoasis, X2y2, Epic League, Stone Aeon

*6. What’s the current state of development?

(e.g. Assets/Community development/Scholarship development)

Public test of RPO, the first task platform, has been undergone for a month.

*7. Please provide a detailed project roadmap.

8. Please share the project’s current operations in Games.

(For Guilds only, which games do your team participate in?)

Blast Royale, Zodium, Stone Aeon, The Red Village

Information For Kyoko D2D

*9.What’s your expected credit amount?

10,000 USDT

*10.If your team are eligible for $5000 credit loans, how do you want to arrange it?

Recruit team from Turkey and play games.

*11.Please choose your expected credit period.

6 months

*12.Would you like to give some airdrop to $KYOKO token holder or Kyoko platform if you release your own tokens?(The extra airdrop could be bonus for $KYOKO token holder)

Sure, as long as they can register through RPO platform: RPD


Tell me, where can I see the opinion of the kyoko team about this project?


We are also in the discussion, and will share our thoughts here soon~


I vote YES. An interesting product, there is a good community, as well as experience in cooperation with large other companies and an impressive staff.


At first glance, the company makes a positive impression. Good social networks, a large number of users, interesting partners. Do I understand correctly that at the moment, they need a loan specifically for development in Turkey? The KYOKO team is not confused by the fact that economically, the gaming market in Turkey is quite small? Its share in the global volume is less than half a percent.
And the second point. There is information that the partner of RPD - Blast Royale is coming to tokensale soon. A good airdrop for $Kyoko holders could be getting into WL.


In the next bear market, does the other party have the risk of default?

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You mean for RPD? RPD promises us that they will provide the collateral even for the credit loans. They wants to have the long-term corporation with us, they have different groups, from Asian, Turkey, Africa…More applications are on the way~

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