Hasai's D2D application

Hey Kyoko community members, here is the D2D application from Hasai. Please review the information and leave your opinions.

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Project Name/Token Ticker: Hasai

Project link:

Official Website:

Twitter URL
TG/DC Handle

Github URL

Please provide information about partnership with the project.

What’s the current state of development?
At the beginning stage

Please provide a detailed project roadmap.
2022 Q2: Version 1 platform release, which will only support blue chip NFT collections.
2022 Q3: Version 2 platform release, which will strengthen capabilities for DAO governance, ecosystem development, and provide lending services for all NFT collections.

What’s the project mission or aim?
Hasai aims to become the first decentralized, fixed-rate NFT lending protocol that provides a one-stop comprehensive solution for NFT market liquidity issues. Users could deposit NFT and get liquidity in one minute.

Information For Kyoko D2D

What’s your expected credit amount?
10,000 USDT

If your team are eligible for $5000 credit loans, how do you want to arrange it?
The Hasai team will provide $4000 as initial platform liquidity in the version 1 release. $1000 for the team operation.

Please choose your expected credit period.
12 months

Would you like to give some airdrop to $KYOKO token holder or Kyoko platform if you release your own tokens?

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The project is anonymous, there are no investors, and there are no merits yet.
Discord is almost empty, twitter too, and there are no other channels of communication with the audience.
I wouldn’t give them money.


The feeling that the project was born yesterday. There is no database, not even an adequate number of subscribers. The idea is not unique. The amount of the requested loan is certainly small, but the expectations that the project will be able to earn money, too. My opinion is to refuse.


We all know that the liquidity of NFT is very poor. At the same time, NFT is a product of market prosperity. Once NFT is purchased, the liquidity of funds is locked. How to exchange enough liquidity without losing NFT? This problem needs to be solved urgently . Through Hasai’s application, we can see that short-term, fixed-rate NFT mortgage loans can solve the problem of capital turnover. At the same time, this short-term fixed loan duration can protect users from the impact of rapid market fluctuations, such as The serious impact of this bear market. Market needs such projects to accompany us through the long bear market, So I support them.


Kyoko’s first D2D loan business finally started. Although it seems a totally new project. It is related to the solution of NFT liquidity and has a relationship with Kyoko existing business. I hope that Kyoko team has also been carefully reviewed and evaluated. So i think we could be bolder. I vote for supporting this proposal.


The project is exactly 1 month old, created on April 11th. I agree with the comments above on twitter and discord there are no people. Nobody knows about the project at all.
They want 10k$ for development, but at the same time they will provide 100-500 ether liquidity in Q2 2022 in version 1, kind of weird.
For now, I would refuse them, at least until the active user base appears and then consider them.


First of all, the idea is not that great and not unique in a way that it’s not that scalable.
Just like they guys before me said, the project is new, there are only a few people in discord and etc.
But they do have some code on github so it is more probably not just a scam project.
They do have their own logo but their site in general looks like he was made by two people in a short amount of time (he has no correlation with the things like adaptability, ux-ui design and retention of attention for users)
I would like to see these guys grow but they didn’t even try to make it look good, to let us be more loyal to them. They didn’t prepare at all.
And, as Sergey said, they are anonymous and they have no investors in their pockets.

I would’ve give them money if they share some real info about them, if they create a good-looking site, if they have a good community or at least active users that support this project.


Hello everyone, Stave from Kyoko here! We wanted to provide the Kyoko team’s thoughts on this application and rationale for bringing this application to a Kyoko governance vote.

First and foremost, we appreciate everyone’s research and diligence. We’re extremely impressed with the level of commitment we’ve seen. This is indicative of the strength the Kyoko community and will be extremely beneficial to the ecosystem as we receive higher volumes of DAO-to-DAO loan applications.

Next, we will never say outright that we recommend or do not recommend a particular application. This is a community decision, and it is not our place to commandeer the conversation. However, we do feel it appropriate for the Kyoko team to voice our thoughts on certain applications as may be applicable.

Now, Hasai is an interesting project. It is early stage – but at the same time, our unsecured DAO-to-DAO loans specifically target early-stage projects. After all, larger, more mature organizations would already have the capacity to take advantage of our larger collateralized loans. Hasai is quite early stage, but still a prime candidate in terms of maturity.

The second concern is in relation to Hasai’s anonymous background. As one anonymous team to another, we understand the decision to go anonymous is complex. Thankfully, we do not view this as a liability – particularly because Hasai was referred to our team by one of our investors. Now, as we all know, Hasai has no investors; however, it was noted the synergies between Hasai’s solution and Kyoko’s NFT lending business. Frankly speaking, Kyoko’s products could be improved upon by drawing from Hasai’s technology, and one thought we had was to use this loan as a stepping stone into a much deeper relationship with the Hasai team. On this point, we are also comforted by the CerTik audit that Hasai has already passed.

Lastly, outside of the potential for tech sharing, we also see strong upside potential for this application. As we see it, Hasai’s main competitor would be BendDAO – a project with relatively strong market acceptance. Hasai has built upon BendDAO’s tech stack, but also included some marked improvements. This is already a long message, and we won’t go into details, but we’ve been impressed by the demos that we’ve seen from the Hasai team.

Now, again, we are not here to make sweeping recommendations. It’s not our place, and it’s certainly not our style. However, we wanted to provide a quick overview of our opinion for the application. To be clear, there certainly are risks…there always will be for projects at this stage. However, risk and potential for reward are two sides of the same coin, and our view is that there is strong potential for reward with this application – not only in relation to return on investment, but also in technical synergies.

We appreciate everyone’s diligence and would love to continue to hear everyone’s thoughts!


Good afternoon, thanks for sharing your opinion, I’m sure it’s good for us to know what the team thinks.

And this is one of the key factors why I would like to accept this investment.

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Thank you all, for all replies! We really appreciate all voice from the community members! As Stave said, this proposal doesn’t equal to the final answer, we just want to keep collecting the ideas from you guys~ We will proceed to the next stage of evaluation process and keep updates!


The website is very simple and looks like a scam, I don’t understand why people are voting for.

The project does look very very early, so early that there is nothing.
If I were to apply for a loan, or if you were to apply, would it be possible to come up with a website like this? The website is the face of a project, even this is not handled well, I really find it hard to give too much confidence, there is also no community management, the community in the web 3.0 how important I think we all should know it, Github on a star is not, the project founder’s Twitter or only registered in April this year, there are really a lot of strange places.
If you want to be allowed to apply for a loan, at least do a good job on the website first, test the website out and accumulate some users before coming back, right?